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Click on the video to get a quick greeting and what to do next!

1 Let's Discuss

We'll start off with a 30 minute phone or ZOOM call discussing what your project entails, style, files, due dates, cost, etc. After the call, I will write a proposal with the details and send it to you to sign off on. If you are a new client and the project is $500 or over, a 50% deposit is required.

4 Second Draft

A second draft will be closer to the finished presentation, allowing revisions.

2 Send Files

You can send files of the text, any images you would like to use, graphs, etc to me via Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive or email.

5 Final Review

The final review will be sent, allowing minor changes and polishes. At this time, you will be invoiced for the balance if you are a new client.

3 First Draft

A first draft will be send to ensure we are headed in the right direction. Feedback and revisions can be done by phone/ZOOM or email.

6 Final Files

Final files depends on the whether the project was a Powerpoint presentation deck, an print/web ad or a magazine layout. Regardless, files will be sent via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Rates & Packages

Powerpoint Presentations

The rate for presentation slides is $20 per slide, with an additional $10 per slide for animations. In addition to custom packages, below are 3 packages which are also available: 


Basic Package

up to 15 slides

up to 5 revisions

editable PPTX files

one 30-minute initial call

5-7 days for delivery


Premium Package

up to 25 slides

unlimited revisions

editable PPTX file

two 30-minute calls

7-12 days for delivery

custom template


Standard Package

up to 20 slides

up to 8 revisions

editable PPTX file

one 30-minute intital call

6-10 days for delivery



Print and/or Web Ads and Editorial Magazine Layouts

The ad design rate is $25 per hour and magazine editorial layout design rate is $35 per hour. The size, number of pages, and complexity of the project would depend on the final cost and delivery dates. Please contact me with specifics.

Deadlines & Rush Jobs

I will deliver the final finished product by your required due date but it is imperial that you provide the elements (files) and revisions to me by the date that is requested.  For unexpected rush jobs—and it happens, I understand—there is $100 additional fee.

Payment Policy

Paypal would be best. The Paypal email is

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you or your company has a Non-Disclosure Agreement, let me know and in almost all cases, I will agree to it, no problem.

Just Ask!

What are your hours?

I am available by email ( I will reply back to emails within 48 hours. VIP clients get 24 hour response.

What types of files can I send you?

For text, Word docs or Textedit files are fine, or even in the body of the email. For IMAGE files, please send them in one of the following: jpg, tif, png, eps and ai. Images as .doc or .docx just don't do well, so please avoid that. If you wish to use a particular font(s) or images or even branding guidelines, you can also send those along as well. 

How long will it take in creating a presentation/ad/magazine layout?

It really varies on the project itself, but in general an average Powerpoint presentation will take 5-7 days; an ad will take anywhere from 1-2 days and magazine layouts can take up to 2 weeks or more, depending on given files and the complexity and the number of pages. 

What kind of files of the completed project will I be getting back?

For presentation slides, the pptx files; for ads, the Indesign files, a final high resolution pdf and packaged element files and any standard fonts used; for magazine layouts, the indesign files, final pdf, print-ready files, digital-ready files and all relevant element files and fonts used.

What kind of files of the completed project will I NOT be getting back?

This is important! Any stock images that were purchased by me will NOT be included (but they will be in the final documents). If they were purchased by you or on your behalf, then they will be included. Depending on the image company, most stock photo image rights cannot be transferred.

Who owns the end work?

You do. You own the Powerpoint slides and/or the custom templates/ad/magazine files once final final payment has been made.

What if I don't know what design style I want?

Couple of ways is creating a Pinterest board and gather items you find is aspiring for your taste. Or point to other companies' (or even your competitor's!) design style, if you like it.

Do you design in Google Keynotes?

No, but I can take the Keynotes design and import it into Powerpoint. If it acts wonky, I'll rebuild it in Powerpoint.

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